Isaac Asimov's Alpha Centauri - The Nearest Star PDF

By Isaac Asimov

ISBN-10: 0688417795

ISBN-13: 9780688417796

Discusses the constellations and stars, the space, luminosity and measurement, stellar astronomy, starlight, and existence on different planetary platforms, with distinctive connection with the 3rd brightest and in addition the closest superstar. Alpha Centauri.

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All the stars in the southern half of the sky rise — and remain below the horizon at from that spot. Naturally, the situation of the equator. Then it is the sky and the stars in ble, all times and never are never seen while it is is just reversed if you travel south the south celestial pole that rises in its neighborhood that are always visi- those in the neighborhood of the north celestial pole that remain below the horizon and are never visible. If you are at the south pole, the south celestial pole is directly overhead and it is the southern half of the sky you always see and the northern half you never see.

The planet Mars, which seems to shine with a reddish color reminiscent of blood, the Latin god of war. their it The Greeks had god of war, Ares. " mentioned so far are among the brightest in the get the names. which Some dimmer ones attract attention for is a little named were by they if brightness. group of not very bright stars No one of the group would be itself, but being in a group they in the constellation of Taurus. if it and attract attention are also some reason other than sheer For instance, there noticed called Mars.

45, which means that it is one and a half times as bright as Alpha Centauri. Sirius, which is by far the brightest star in the sky, is 1. 1 5 magnitudes lower than Alpha Centauri, which means that it is about three times as bright as Alpha Centauri and twice as bright as the second-brightest star. Let us, however, return to Alpha Centauri. see Yet there are objects in the sky that are brighter than even the brightest stars. The planets, unlike change brightness as they however, each planet est, than Alpha Centauri.

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