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By A. I. Kostrikin, I. R. Shafarevich

ISBN-10: 0387170065

ISBN-13: 9780387170060

From the reports: "... this is often one of many few mathematical books, the reviewer has learn from hide to hide ...The major advantage is that almost on each web page you will discover a few unforeseen insights... " Zentralblatt für Mathematik "... There are few proofs in complete, yet there's a thrilling mixture of sureness of foot and lightness of contact within the exposition... which transports the reader easily around the entire spectrum of algebra...Shafarevich's e-book - which reads as conveniently as a longer essay - breathes lifestyles into the skeleton and may be of curiosity to many sessions of readers; definitely starting postgraduate scholars may achieve a most dear standpoint from it but... either the adventurous undergraduate and the verified specialist mathematician will discover a lot to enjoy..."

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K = {x ∈ Rn : gi (x) ≥ 0, i = 1, . . , m}, where gi ∈ R[x], for all i = 1, . . , m. 6) asks for a polynomial to be nonnegative for all x ∈ K. This naturally leads us in Chapter 2 to study nonnegative polynomials (and polynomials nonnegative on a basic semialgebraic set) a topic of central importance in the development of 20th century mathematics. 6 Notes and Sources 13 itself, which naturally leads us in Chapter 3 to the study of the K-moment problem. In fact, we will see that there is a nice and beautiful duality between the theory of moments and the theory of positive polynomials.

Stengle’s Positivstellensatz and Nullstellensatz). Let k be a real closed field, f ∈ k[x], and let K = { x ∈ kn : fj (x) ≥ 0, j = 1, . . , m }. (a) Nichtnegativstellensatz. f ≥ 0 on K if and only if there exists ∈ N, and g, h ∈ P (f1 , . . , fm ) such that f g = f 2 + h. (b) Positivstellensatz. f > 0 on K if and only if there exist g, h ∈ P (f1 , . . , fm ) such that f g = 1 + h. (c) Nullstellensatz. f = 0 on K if and only if there exists ∈ N, and g ∈ P (f1 , . . , fm ) such that f 2 + g = 0.

B) The objective function f ∈ R[x] can be written as p f = fk , k=1 with fk ∈ R[x(Ik )], k = 1, . . , p. 31) The main result about sparsity is as follows. 28. e. 29)). 4 hold and in addition, assume that for every k = 1, . . , p − 1, Ik+1 ∩ ∪kj=1 Ij ⊆ Is If f ∈ R[x] is strictly positive on K, then  p f = k=1  qk + j∈Jk for some s ≤ k. 33) for some sums of squares polynomials (qk , qjk ) ⊂ R[x(Ik )], k = 1, . . , p. 33) is called the running intersection property. 33). 14. 28 with an example.

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