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The symposium paper was also written during the same week. With these papers out of the way, the remaining months of the winter and spring were essentially devoted to writing up and completing a number of loose investigations. First, there were the papers on the Rayleigh–Taylor instability — both the plane and the spherical problems. I should mention here that before going to England, I had found a variational principle for this problem: the first of the non-linear variety. Hide then used the principle to solve several of the remaining problems approximately.

Anyhow the formal theory for the two symmetric cases (bound-bound and free-free) had been completed before I went to Princeton, and Donna started on them during my absence. The bound-free case is quite a bit more unmanageable: the difficulty is in exhibiting the results in a manifestly real form; and the matter was completely resolved only after my return. In any event, when we went to Princeton, it was clear that in the matter of thermal convection there remained only two outstanding problems.

During April and May this was accomplished. And in June I started writing the paper which was completed as planned on June 20. This was Paper XXI. scientificbio January 5, 2011 11:30 A History of My Papers on “Radiative Equilibrium” June 1947 XIX XX limitn→∞ α=1 XXII Sept. –Oct. 1947 13 Paper XIX is a further tabulation of H-functions and Paper XX provides the exact solution for the standard line problem. The difficulty here was to pass to the limit n Sept. 1947 (Cape Cod) scientificbio Reprint volume: A Scientific Autobiography ...

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