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My father drove to Phang Nga to collect us and he put the jet-ski in the back of the pick-up. James, Wayne and the film crew waved as we drove away. 'Goodbye, Kaya. 'Bye 'bye, Achin,' they all said and waved their hands. ' 53 Soon we were back at The Silver Moon. The film crew had gone back to America and I had to go back to college. Sometimes Achin and I rode on the jet-ski in the sea near the hotel. I often thought about the film crew, James and Wayne. And I wrote to Etienne. ' I thought. 54 11 Another Surprise A few months passed and I almost forgot about the New Year adventure.

3 What does James Rogers give Lisa? 9 1 What do the police say about Sanan? 2 Where does Lisa go the nexr day? 3 Where does Etienne go? 10 1 What does Kaya do in the movie? 2 What does James Rogers do? 3 Whar does Wayne give Kaya? 11 1 2 3 4 What is in the blue envelope? What does Lisa's postcard say? What do Kaya and Etienne do together? Will Kaya go to Paris? /ohn Steinbeck The Stranger by Norman Whitney Tales of Horror by Bram Stoker Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Silver Blaze and Other Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tales of Ten Worlds by Arthur C.

Then Wayne explained more about the scene. 'You will have to go in a boat again,' he said. 'Then you will go with James on the jet-ski to the island,' he said. 'But we can't pay you one hundred thousand baht! ' 'N 0,' said James, laughing. ' I told my parents that I was going to be a movie star. My brothcr Achin was very jealous. 'You can come to Phang Nga and watch the film crew working, Achin,' the director said. 'You can look out for bad men like Sanan and his gang. ' There won't be any more gangs asking for protection money,' the police inspector said.

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